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The Drawing Board, based in Cornwall, designed Nigel Semmens surfboards website

Squirrel DesignThe Old Smithy Inn's new website by The Drawing Board - webdesign for CornwallJackie Stanley estate agent for Padstow and RockHansford Bell - chartered financial planners based in TavistockFusion: exciting and vibrant online fashion retailerWebdesign for Chagford Dental Practice in Devon

The Drawing Board is a marketing and communications company based near Padstow and Wadebridge in North Cornwall. We are about fresh design to meet business objectives with activities ranging from the creation of new brands to building websites, and developing software solutions. Our portfolio

Who is it:
Tim - known as Tim, now based in Widemouth Bay. He's the one with the hair! He surfs all year round in Devon and Cornwall. Many years in the making, Tim brings a creative depth and edge to the company. His appearance disguises corporate roots cultivated over more than a decade with one of the bluest of chips, now most at home in the bluest of seas.

Jake about Tim:
"Tim likes to design things. This seems like a simple statement but it sums the chap up more neatly than I'm sure he would like. Whether it is designing a house you'd love to live in, a surfboard, a marketing strategy to beat the competition or a world-beating website - Tim enjoys design challenges. It's best that Tim is not in charge of anything too technical - in fact to say he is a 'pencil and paper' kind of guy would be about right. But then how else do you focus on the importance of the message without the medium getting in the way?"

Tim about Tim:
"Rides waves, does good things whenever possible."

Customer about Tim:
"Tim is a bit of a surprise, you just don't expect the high levels of professionalism and experience available from a website design company in Cornwall. Tim's mind is both creative and keenly focussed on the business performance. This and his lateral thinking has been a significant contributor to our company's success."
Simon Channing, Chagford Dental

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Tim spends more time surfing the waves of Cornwall than surfing websites. Jake surfs websites all day and all night trying to understand any new technology, so he is too tired to update this section. He's sleeping! Here's some useful links...

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email: tim@sketchanidea.co.uk


Jake: market leading web design and online shop wizard in Cornwall

Tim: surfing Cornwall and producing innovative marketing and website communications

Kind of nice to put a face to a name we think :)